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For the engine of your car to remain healthy, function at its best, and last as long as possible, routine oil changes are essential. Don’t overlook this important maintenance job.

Your vehicle’s brakes are essential for safety. Regular inspections, maintenance, and prompt repairs ensure reliable stopping power and protect you and others on the road.

Transmission service is essential for maintaining effortless gear changing, avoiding expensive repairs, and extending the life of your vehicle’s transmission. Don’t forget to maintain this crucial aspect.

In order to drive comfortably, AC services are essential. Regular maintenance, which includes checks, repairs, and refrigerant refills, guarantees optimum cooling performance and increases the lifespan of your air conditioning system.

Mechanical work encompasses a wide range of repairs and maintenance for vehicles. Our skilled technicians handle everything from engine diagnostics to suspension repairs, keeping your vehicle in top condition.

Optimizing engine performance enhances power, fuel efficiency, and overall driving experience. Regular maintenance, tuning, and upgrades can unleash the full potential of your vehicle’s engine, improving acceleration and responsiveness.

Our Denting and Painting services restore the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle by repairing dents, scratches, and imperfections. Trust our professionals to give your car a fresh and polished look.

Fuel injector cleaning is essential for maintaining optimal engine performance. Removing carbon deposits and debris from injectors improves fuel efficiency, and power delivery, and reduces emissions, prolonging the life of your engine.

Our electric services ensure the proper functioning of your vehicle’s electrical system. Our skilled technicians diagnose and repair issues with lights, wiring, battery, and other electrical components for a reliable driving experience.


Car Repair Dubai Service Packages


We provide thorough fluid services to keep your car in top shape. To ensure optimal performance and longevity, our qualified technicians perform brake fluid checks, transmission fluid replacements, coolant flushes, and oil changes. Trust & Reach us today for premium fluid upkeep that keeps your car in great shape.


We provide thorough system evaluations to diagnose any issues with your vehicle. Our skilled technicians utilize advanced diagnostic tools to assess the engine, electrical system, brakes, suspension, and more. Have faith in us to pinpoint problems accurately and provide expert recommendations for effective repairs, ensuring your vehicle’s optimal performance and safety.


We offer comprehensive maintenance services to keep your vehicle in top shape. From regular oil changes and filter replacements to tire rotations and fluid checks, our expert technicians ensure optimal performance, reliability, and safety. Believe in us for exceptional maintenance that prolongs your vehicle’s lifespan and enhances your driving experience.


We specialize in thorough tune-ups to optimize your vehicle’s performance. Our highly-skilled technicians meticulously inspect and adjust crucial components such as spark plugs, ignition timing, fuel injectors, and more. With our precise tune-ups, call us today to experience an improved fuel efficiency, smoother acceleration, and enhanced overall engine performance.

Best Car & Auto Repair Dubai Workshop

Are you looking for dependable Car Repair Dubai? You should look no further than Yalla Fix Auto Repair! We’re the trusted auto car garage in Dubai, offering the highest quality car repairs and car maintenance services to ensure your car runs effortlessly on the streets of Dubai.

Get Unbeatable Car Servicing in Dubai

At Yalla Fix Auto Repair, we recognize that your vehicle is much more than an instrument of transport – it’s a valuable investment that requires top-quality maintenance. Our skilled team of technicians will provide you with the best Car Servicing in Dubai to ensure that your car is at its best.

Comprehensive Auto Repair Dubai Solutions

From small repairs to complicated engine diagnostics services, our technicians at Yalla Fix Auto Repair have the expertise and knowledge to address a range of issues affecting automobiles. If it’s an engine that isn’t working and brakes, a malfunctioning system, or electrical issues, our technicians use the latest tools and methods to identify and correct the issue quickly.

Car Repair Dubai - Yallafix Auto

Trustworthy Car Maintenance Services to Last Longer

Maintaining your vehicle regularly is crucial in extending the life span of your vehicle and also avoiding serious issues later on. In Yalla Fix Auto Repair Dubai, we provide comprehensive Car Maintenance Services that cover everything you need for your vehicle. Our expert technicians carry out complete inspections, oil changes and filter replacements tire rotations, and much more. We will ensure that your vehicle is in top condition with us.

Why Choose Yalla Fix Auto Repair?

  1. Experience: Being the leading auto car garage in Dubai, our team of technicians has the experience to tackle all kinds of maintenance and repairs for cars.
  2. High-Quality Service: We place a high value on the satisfaction of our customers and make sure that every vehicle brought to us gets top-of-the-line service, with a focus on detail.
  3. High-Tech Equipment: The workshop we work in has the latest diagnostic equipment and tools, which allow us to identify the problem and fix it. the vehicle.
  4. Transparent pricing: We value honesty and we provide our clients with clear explanations of the required services, with competitive and fair pricing.
  5. Convenience: We know that time is precious; the reason we work hard to offer quick and efficient service that is hassle-free, minimizing any disruption to our customers.

Contact Yalla Fix Auto Repair Today!

Don’t let car troubles slow you down. When you need urgent repairs or regular maintenance Yalla Fix Auto Repair can help. We have a team of specialists for top-quality car ac repair in Dubai & other car repairs, services, and maintenance throughout Dubai. Make contact with us today to set up an appointment, and feel our Yalla Fix difference!

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Expert Engineers

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Transparent Service

Years of Experience

Value for Money

Genuine Parts

Years of Experience

Jobs with Warranty

Transparent Service

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Jameson IanJameson Ian
03:53 29 Mar 23
I had a great experience working with Yalla Fix. They serviced my car and had it back to me in a few hours with a great result. I am happy that my car is working as good as new for a fraction of the cost. I love that I can use the app to pay online and have a status update on my car without having to worry about the mechanic taking my money and not doing the work.
Noah ElijahNoah Elijah
03:52 29 Mar 23
The auto shop I use is a bit far from my house, so I was glad to find a convenient location in my neighborhood. The shop itself is nice and very clean. I was able to make an appointment online and the service was great. They treated me well and I had my car back within a day. The price was also reasonable. Overall, I had an excellent experience with this auto shop and would highly recommend it to anyone in the area.
Tayyab chTayyab ch
03:50 29 Mar 23
The Yalla Fix auto repair service was so quick and easy. They really helped me out with my problems and had me back on the road in no time. This service is so convenient for those who need their car fixed in a hurry. It is the easiest way I've found to get my car fixed and back on the road.
Ezra GabrielEzra Gabriel
03:49 29 Mar 23
I have been going to Yalla Fix for two years. They have repaired my car for a fraction of what my dealer would have charged me. The owner is a friendly guy and his staff is always quick to answer my call and available to pick up my car from my house or work. I love the service and workmanship that Yalla Fix consistently provides.
Arslan MakhdoomArslan Makhdoom
10:19 07 Dec 22
The best AC mechanic I had ever found. My Car AC was not working properly but tha man at Yalla Fix was amazing and sort it out in really quick time. Thankful to reach back on time
Car Servicing In Dubai - Yallafix Auto

    Car Servicing In Dubai - Yallafix Auto